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School Uniform


Children should look smart when wearing their school uniform. Long, shoulder-length hair should be tied back and off the face, particularly during PE lessons and when using some specialist equipment in science, art, food technology, etc. There should also be no extremes of style (e.g.) marks cut into the hair or the use of different colours. Make-up and nail varnish should not be worn.


Children are not allowed to wear jewellery of any description at school, except for watches, earrings and Medic-Alert bracelets. If your child has pierced ears, plain studs must be worn. For Health and Safety reasons, earrings must be removed or covered with plasters or tape for PE and swimming lessons. The school will not be held responsible for any losses of jewellery. 

If you wish your child to wear jewellery for religious reasons, please speak to the Head of School. No other body jewellery should be worn.


During the Summer Term and the first half of the autumn term, children may wear ‘summer uniform’. All clothing must be clearly marked with your child's name. All children should wear a suitable coat during wet or cold weather.

At Spreyton Primary School we wear a uniform to feel a sense of belonging to our community. By attending Spreyton Primary School you are agreeing to keep to the uniform policy.


  • Red school sweatshirt/cardigan or fleece with logo
  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • Grey or black trousers, skirts or pinafore dress
  • Socks: white, black or grey
  • Red and white checked summer dress 

PE Kit:

  • Red t-shirt 
  • Black shorts - tracksuit bottoms and top/sweatshirt for the winter
  • Trainers or plimsolls 

We ask that children wear sensible shoes, which are both comfortable and safe to play in, e.g. leather or black trainer type shoes or shoes with a strap/buckle to avoid slipping off but not open toed.

For arts and crafts activities it is useful to have an old shirt or apron to wear over the uniform.

We ask that all clothing and shoes are clearly labelled. For safety reasons we do not allow children to wear long dangly or looped earrings or rings. Long hair should be neatly tied back.

One of the most important teaching points in PE is safety and this means making sure that the children are correctly dressed for all physical education lessons.

Price list for the school uniform

Sweatshirts - £10.55 

Cardigans - £11.95

PE tops - £5.75

Fleeces - £13.25

Book Bag - £8.95

Please ensure all items brought into school are clearly named.