Occurred: Thursday 3rd May, 2018 at 12:00am

On Thursday 3rd May Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service visited Spreyton School.  They came to talk to us about how to keep safe if you see a fire.
In Swallow Class they taught us to STOP, DROP and ROLL. The fireman also talked about smoke alarms, the dangers of playing with matches and lighters and that things stay hot even when you turn them off, such as irons and light bulbs.
In Hare Class he talked about what the fire service does, how to make an emergency call and Stop, drop and roll.  He also explained what you should do when you hear a smoke alarm:  GET OUT, STAY OUT, PHONE 999.  Lastly he showed us the fire triangle, which we had also done in Science! The triangle has HEAT-FUEL-OXYGEN and all three are needed to make a fire.